Ad Smile®/JPLign®?

Straight teeth through gentle correction with aligners

For simple misalignments, the Ad Smile® method is a simple and effective way to position the teeth in a beautiful row of teeth.

In the case of serious misalignments of the teeth, we recommend the JP Lign® concept: Attachments are attached to the teeth as pressure points, which direct the pressure from the Ad Smile® Aligner onto the teeth and gently move them physically.

Misaligned teeth can be physically moved in all directions—horizontally (anterior midline correction), vertically (extrusion or intrusion), and sagittal (mesial or distal). The vertical movement of the teeth improves the position of the teeth in relation to the occlusal plane of the lower and upper jaw. In addition, “torque movements” and straightening movements are possible in any direction in the front and side teeth area. The dental splints that have been on the market so far cannot achieve this level of success.

Dr. Pouran Vali-Pursche

Dentist with a doctorate (Prof. Witt, Bavarian Maximilian University of Würzburg) and Master of Science (Prof. Müßig, University of Krems / Austria), has the Ad Smile aligners on the basis of her more than 22 years of professional experience in her Ad Dento dental health center developed in Meerbusch.

With the invisible Ad Smile® aligners, we gently straighten tooth misalignments, such as tilted teeth, in a purely orthodontic procedure.

The Ad Smile® aligner moves the teeth into the desired position with gentle pressure. He was introduced by the experienced dentist Dr. Pouran Vali-Pursche in Meerbusch / Germany in the Ad Dento dental health center and has been patented since 2017.

High-tech materials and production in a German specialist laboratory guarantee optimal tooth correction based on the current state of dental science.

The easy-to-clean splints always give you the feeling of a clean mouth. Say goodbye to annoying fixed braces and join us on the way to a magical smile and even rows of teeth.

The permanent exchange between our dental experts and the patients as well as the regular checks ensure success.

Fair and transparent: Thanks to the reliable cost plan and installment payments, you have permanent financial security.

We work sustainably: We avoid unnecessary waste by manufacturing the splints according to needs and the respective crookedness of the teeth.

Start your tooth correction easily and without any problems!

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